How prepare your Shade Net house for winters

How prepare your Shade Net house for winters

Shade Net house are a boon for summer season but, in order to get a higher yield and for crop management you need to bring some improvements in shade net house in winter season.

What are the must do :

  • Mulching Sheet : Mulching Sheets are a must for winter season. Mulching sheets help your roots to stay cozy and thus helps in plant growth.
  • Less water : Watering your plants just 20 minutes a day through drip irrigation is enough
  • Put the sliding net on during night : A lot of dew comes in winters. To ensure that the dew doesn’t hamper your plant growth apply sliding nets every night in such a way and all your plants are properly covered. When sun rises again remove the sliding net for temperature management.
  • Buy seeds which are for winter harvest only. Plants which germinate from such seeds perform better in harsh conditions.

What more needs to be done :

One improvement in your net shade house will surely help you. During winters, the breeze is very cold and thus effect your plants. Your side nets can be covered with plastic curtains (you can install rolling curtains so that you can lift them again during summers) to ensure that your plants grow in optimum temperature.

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