Advantages - Shade Net House

Advantages – Shade Net house

Shade net house is a protected cultivation structure which protects plant from UV rays, pests and insects and provide optimum environment for plant growth. The main advantages of Shade net house are listed below

Advantages of Shade net House

  • Shade net house can be cooler upto 30 degree Celsius in comparison to outside temperature. This in turn help veggies and flower to grow faster, healthier and give a higher yield per plant
  • Materials used in Shade net house are highly efficient substitute for insecticides, herbicides and fungicides.
  • Shade Net house are cheaper to make compared to polyhouses. Shade net houses work perfectly in places where summers are extremely hot.
  • Shade net houses are frequently beneficial to prevent crop overheating.
  • Using shade net various climatic conditions like light, humidity, temperature, carbon-di-oxide levels can be managed, assisting a proper development of plants.
  • By keeping the moisture within, shade nets are helpful by preventing significant plant drying.

In times when agriculture is being effected by insufficient rains, excess rainfall, unseasonal rainfall and uncertain climatic conditions, shade net house provides a economical solution to keep your crops safe from adverse environment and increase farm incomes.


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