Challenges - Shade Net house

Challenges – Shade net house

Though Shade net houses are known as yield multipliers, but they too have certain challenges. While Shade net houses are known for their yield in Summer seasons, they are not that effective in monsoon and winter seasons.

Challenges of a Shade Net house

As in a net house, water can come inside from the top covering, plants get effected due to heavy downpour in rainy season which effect productivity and plant health drastically. For e.g. in state of Rajasthan (India) where temperature climbs to over 45 degree Celsius in summers, shade net houses work as a boon and give excellent cultivation for veggie growers.

But the same Shade net house becomes a headache for growers during monsoon season because water flows down the upper covering and the excess water keeps flowing inside and if one doesn’t have an excellent drainage system, plant health will be effected. Even with an excellent drainage system, continuous rainfall will definitely effect your crop health.

Moving ahead in winters again Shade net house is a problem affair. A shade net house is originally covered with net from all sides due to which cold winds will work as a “shock wave for plants” and  dew falling from top layer of shade net house, will reduce plant growth. Both these aspects will reduce plant yield and quality.

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