importance of irrigation

Importance of Irrigation

Water is the most important element for plant growth. Different type of plant require different quantities of water at different times. But excess and unregulated water can destroy your crops and plants. Thus Irrigation is the process through which controlled water is supplied through artificial mediums such as pipes, sprinklers etc.

Main importance of irrigation are discussed below

  • Agriculture is hampered with irregular, insufficient and excess rainfall. Indian economy where 70% population relies on agriculture, proper irrigation facilities if the key to success.
  • Productivity of land is more with proper irrigation facilities than those with no irrigation facilities. In India we generally have 2 crop seasons, Kharif and Rabi. Unirrigated regions are those which are dependent entirely on rainfall for their produce and only have Kharif crops. This effects farmer income largely.
  • Multiple cropping per year is only possible with proper irrigation facilities. This will enhance productivity and profitability.
  • Seeds cannot grow in dry soil as moisture is necessary for plant growth. Proper irrigation facilities can solve the problem.
  • Through irrigation it is possible to provide excellent environment for the plant roots to grow.
  • Bringing more land under cultivation is only possible through irrigation
  • A plant can absorb nutrients from the soil only when you have proper irrigation facilities.
  • Insufficient rain may also cause drought & famines. Irrigation can play a protective role during the period of drought & famines.
  • Irrigation can also be regarded as a catalyst for NATION GROW. With proper irrigation facilities farmer income is set to increase and will help nation to grow further. When living standards of 70% of your population is increased, who can stop a nation from developing.

With time, irrigation facilities have also become more efficient and water saving. A few irrigation facilities are as under

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