How prepare your Shade Net house for Summers

How prepare your Shade Net house for Summers

Shade net houses are primarily made for summers and they have proved to have an excellent yield to plants during the season. But there are a few things you must take care of during summer season for excellent harvest

  1. No Mulching Sheet : Mulching Sheets work counter-productive during summer season. Mulching sheets are designed in such a way that in winter seasons they regulate the temperature near the roots, thus helping in keeping the plants healthy. But during summers, they work as counter productive and can help in generation of root diseases which will decrease life of plant and productivity.
  2. Check your sprinklers : Most net houses will have sprinklers for cooling down of temperature during summers. But as they are not used during monsoon and winter seasons, it is often seen that sprinklers get jammed.
  3. Seed Selection : The seeds which work well during winters doesn’t guarantee of them working well in summers as well. So always choose seeds which are for the season

The crop and yield depends on many other factors as well, but the above given are primary factors which one need to take care off.

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