• Organic Farming -- The need of New India

    What is Organic Farming

    Agricultural process which utilizes biological fertilizers and pest control obtained from animal or plant waste. Organic farming became necessary to decrease the effect of synthetics pesticides and insecticides which depleted soil quality and were hazardous to health.

    Veggies we are growing through Organic Farming

    bottle gourd
    bottle gaurd (लौकी)
    Sponge Gourd (गिलखी)
    Sponge Gourd (गिलखी)
    sponge gourd (तुरई))
    lady finger (भिन्डी)
    Lady Finger (भिन्डी)
    Cucumber (खीरा) *
    Tomato (टमाटर)
    Bitter Gaurd (करेला)
    Green Chilli (हरी मिर्च)
    Peas (मटर)
    Cauliflower (फूल गोबी)
    Cabbage (पत्ता गोबी)
    Iceberg lettuce
    Loloroso lettuce
    Red Spinach

    Organic Compost

    Lets go through the initiatives taken by Sudisha Farms to promote Organic Farming. More than 5 veggies being grown organically.