Our Aim and Vision

  1. Sustainable and ecofriendly farming with increased yield
  2. Low Cost initiates / structures to boost farm income
  3. Water Harvesting and management
  4. Minimize use of harmful chemical fertilizers and completely moving to organic/hydroponic farming in 3 years
  5. Reduce pest attack by shifting to protected cultivation from open field farming
  6. To create market for produce where farmers can get the real price for their hardwork

Founder’s Journey

We began our journey of Sudisha farms in December 2019 when I completed my PhD Botany from The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda. I had an useful experience on plant biotech, molecular biology techniques, plant tissue culture, plant growth phenomena, different inert media’s and available new technologies in agriculture. During my 7 years of PhD I had learnt about the immense opportunities and difficulties being faced in agriculture. So, SUDISHA FARMS is an initiative to bring a change in agricultural practices by implementing modern and innovative approaches which can help a farmer to increase his /her income and live a sustainable life.

What we have done so far?

  1. We have developed Shadenet house (Youtube) in which farming is possible for entire year. We are currently working on plans to reduce cost of such structures.
  2. Today we are not using any water for agriculture from mother earth. We have created our own resources for water storage (2 million litres) and we are also replenishing extra water back to mother earth with our innovative technique. (already replenished 700,000 litres) (Youtube)

Feel free to give us any advice if you have on sustainable farming or farming practices. We will surely look ahead to the advice.