We are water positive farm i.e. taking "0" litres of water from mother earth

Water Harvesting System

For us our mother earth holds the maximum priority. From soil to water Sudisha Farms is working on every aspect. We come from state of Rajasthan (India) which is a dry state and people still have to walk a lot for water. Borewell’s have become an option in agriculture but it is fast draining the underground water system. We are proud to announce that at Sudisha Farms is a net “0” farm. We not only save enough water for our agricultural needs but also transfer back run off water back to our mother earth. We have storing capacity of over 2000000 lts of rain water, and have transferred back over 700000 (till dt.05.08.2023) back to mother earth.   

What was the problem ??

We purchased this land in beginning of year 2023. To our surprise during the 1st monsoon heavy rainfall my whole farm was submerged in water and it looked like that we have purchased a lake for us. All our standing crops were destroyed and we were in despair. We had conversation with several neighbours and they told us that this situation will be there every monsoon. By now we have understood that a proper solution of the problem is compulsory else things will be gloomed and all our investment will go waste. Then we came up with a formidable and social solution which will not only help our farm but will also help humanity.  

sudisha farms in monsoon rains

So how the system works ?

sudisha farms pond

We constructed this farm pond of capacity over 2000000 (2 million litres). This tank got filled in the 1st monsoon rainfall. Complete pipeline has been installed from this pond to our other pond and tubewells. Now when it rains heavily and this pond is near filling point we open the latch of water outlet and all excess water directly flows in the tubewell. Through this method mother earth has been replenished with 700000 litres (till 05.08.2023) more water for whoever in need. 

What else we have done for Water Harvesting