Organic Fertilizers and their importance

Organic Fertilizers and their importance

Fertilizers are a very important component required for plant growth and high yield. With the changing lifestyles and demand, today most fruits and veggies are filled with synthetic fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides. Synthetic fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides helps to grow crops faster and get a better yield but  also works as a slow poison for our digestive systems and results in diseases. At the same time it also downgrades soil quality. At such times, demand is very high for authentic organic veggies and fruits.

Importance of Organic Fertilizer :

  • Organic fertilizers are cheaper than synthetic fertilizers
  • They are easy to make. One can even make an organic fertilizer at home.
  • It will improve soil health.
  • It will remove help remove toxins from our body which are resulting in many serious diseases like cancers, kidney failures and heart attacks.
  • Longer crop duration.

How to make organic fertilizer (A few ways)

  • A Mix of cow dung, cow urine, soil sorrounding Ficus religiosa (पीपल), jaggery (गुड़) along with decomposing bacteria’s make an excellent organic fertilizer for plant growth. They help to keep diseases away and helps to grow plant faster. The above given organic fertilizer must be made and kept in isolation for 7-10 days before use. Then it can be transferred directly to plants. Use this organic fertilizer every 15 days and see your plants flourish.
  • A mix of jaggery (गुड़), Chickpea flour (बेसन), cow urine along with decomposing bacteria make an excellent organic fertilizer for plant growth. It is advised to keep this fertilizer in isolation for atleast 24 hours before use. Use this organic fertilizer every 15 days.
  • A mix of cow urine, agricultural neem oil for spray application. This will help to keep pests away. You can spray them every 7 days.

There are thousand of ways to make organic fertilizers which can suit your crop, These methods help you grow veggies and fruit free from any harmful effects to your health.